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Are you interested in a custom service?  To get started you can read the summaries of our service areas below, we describe the basic outlines of the processes and what we can offer. If you already know what you want than click here to access our contact form, we will review your request and get back to you by email in one business day.  You can also give us a call at (800)-991-7624.  Once we outline your project we can provide you with a quote breaking down the various steps and giving you an idea of turn around time and overall cost, so contact us today and get your project started.

Allele Biotech Camelid Antibody Development

Camelid Antibody Development

For the past few years, Allele has been in the forefront of Camelid antibody technology offering popular products such as the GFP-Trap (cited in 259 publications). By making this custom Camelid Antibody service available, researchers can now feel confident in passing along tedious antibody projects to Allele and eventually creating a novel, high quality molecule capture reagent.

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Allele Biotech iPSC Generation

iPSC Generation

By harnessing the latest technology and our expert know how, we now offer custom iPS generation. We can tailor each project to your specific needs, and carry all the iPS factors on retrovirus, lentivirus, and mRNA for a non integrating truly foot print free iPS.

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Allele Biotech Protein Expression

Protein Expression

Over a decade ago, our technical staff offered the first commercial Baculovirus protein expression services to address researchers´ unmet gene expression needs. Today we are on the cutting edge of a variety of expression and antibody production technologies so that you can accelerate your research by taking advantage of our comprehensive range of services.

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Allele Biotech Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

With Allele Biotech, customers can count on extensive experience in the field of cell line establishment and customization. Through the use of our viral platforms or our vast transfection and subcloning experience, we can assist in engineering your line to express reporter genes, produce proteins, or any desired construct.

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Allele Biotech Cell Culture Services

Cell Culture Services

Allele Biotech is equipped with a warm room, dedicated tissue culture room, roller bottle incubator and 20 liter spinner culture vessels. We have the capacity to provide large and small-scale cell cultures to reduce your workload so that you can direct your focus and energy on your core research. Cell lines can be amplified your cell line to a desired quantity, or maintained at our facilities and fixed aliquots can be delivered when desired.

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Allele Biotech Cell Culture Services

Viral Services

Our lentivirus and retrovirus packaging services are highlighted by a consistent high titer and large delivery viral counts. Typically, lentiviruses are packaged by co-transfecting a number of helper plasmids and in most cases amounting to 10^6 TU (transduction units)/ml which is considered a good titer yield. The proprietary packaging technologies that are used to perform Allele's virus packaging services are unique and highly efficient, yielding 10^7 to 10^8 TU/ml; without any concentrating steps. With a concentration step, however, 10^9 to 10^10 TU/ml can be achieved which is particularly useful for in vivo uses.​

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Allele Biotech Cell Culture Services

mRNA Template Construction

mRNA expression is a highly effective way to exogenously express a desired construct in cells. Our template construction service provides you with a PCR template that is ready to use for in vitro transcription (IVT) reactions to generate mRNA. The templates are all optimized to enhance expression once your mRNA has been transfected. Additionally Allele offers in vitro transcription services to deliver the final modified or unmodified mRNA product.

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Custom Projects

Since our start in 1999, Allele Biotechnology has been a research focused company with an emphasis on emerging technology. This ultimately ledto the establishment of our custom services division, and our ability to offer services for the latest developments in the field of molecular biology. Additionally, our company’s focus on fluorescent proteins, cellular reprogramming, viral and protein expression, and nano-antibody development provides us with an unmatched project toolbox. With decades of scientific research and development experience amongst our staff we approach every project with a high level of expertise that leads to success. We view every project as a partnership, where the goals and results are dependent on the needs of our client. Our staff works diligently to ensure all of our projects progress in a timely manner and our customers are informed every step of the way. Since we moved to our new facility in 2012, we can now tailor development and production to the level of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process). You can be assured that our team at Allele Biotechnology is wholly prepared to assist you with your custom project. We provide excellent services that will give you peace of mind and elevate your research.

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