Qualified Antibodies

The antibody product group includes the Orbigen brand polyclonal antibodies, validated anti-tag monoclonal antibodies, and more recently, the recombinant Camelid antibodies against fluorescent proteins. 

Our R&D team has been developing novel antibody-related technologies since the inception of the company, supported by multiple NIH grants and contracts.  We have developed antibody screening/identification technology platforms along with antibody formats, and we plan to incorporate these technologies into better products. Combined with custom antibody services, we can satisfy almost all your antibody needs for research or therapeutic potentials.

Polyclonal Anitbodies

Antibodies are available in the areas of Apoptosis, cell surface molecules/GPCRs, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, genetic disease markers, kinases and phosphatases, neuronal proteins, oncoproteins, proteases, and transcription factors. Also, a unique collection of high-quality pan-specific and phospho-specific antibodies is also offered.


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