Stem Cells

For more information about Allele's Stem Cell related products and technology please read more here.

  • 6F mRNA Reprogramming Premix

    [[50µg,ABP-SC-6FMRNA]] The 6F mRNA reprogramming premix contains all the factors necessary for iPSC generation mixed together in the appropriate ratios.  Each vial contains 50 micrograms of mRNA which is suitable for 8 wells (using a 6...

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  • 2.5x Nucleotide Mix with Cap Analog

    [[100µl,ABP-PP-NTPMIX]] 2.5x Nucleotide Mix with Cap Analog (ARCA, ATP, GTP, 5m-CTP, Pseudo-UTP) Ready for direct use in IVT reactions. Product Description Download/Print:  Product Protocol/Print: 

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