Camelid Antibody Development

camelid-llama2.jpgCamelid Antibodies are a unique class of antibodies produced by members of the Camelidae family. From the N-terminal domain of these camelid antibodies, VHH (Variable Heavy Chain) fragments (also termed nanobodies or single domain antibodies) can be generated for use in a wide variety of molecule capture applications. These VHH nanobodies (only 13-15 kDa in size) are fully functional target binding fragments with many advantages over traditional IgG antibodies. Because of their miniscule size and stability in acidic and high temperatures, the potential for therapeutic uses is far greater than their classical IgG counterparts.

Custom Camelid Antibody Development:

For the past few years, Allele has been in the forefront of Camelid antibody technology offering popular products such as the GFP-Trap (cited in 259 publications). By making this custom Camelid Antibody service available, researchers can now feel confident in passing along tedious antibody projects to Allele and eventually creating a novel, high quality molecule capture reagent.

Below we have outlined the various steps in a typical Camelid Antibody Development service. As each custom project is unique, customers can select the steps they would like, and omit the others to tailor to their specific project. Please contact us ( to discuss your project and obtain a quote.

Phase I - Llama Antibody Development:
In phase I an animal is secured and prepared for injection. The animal will be injected with the target antigen and bleeds will be conducted at various intervals. Antibodies from the bleeds will be tested against the antigen via ELISA to confirm their presence.

Phase II – Cell isolation, cDNA Preparation, Amplification and appropriate cloning:
In phase II antibody cDNA is generated via RNA isolation, amplified via PCR, and a diverse antibody library is generated for screening against the antigen.

Phase III - Antibody Screening
This phase covers individual antibody screening. Antibodies will be screened against the desired antigen and ideally 3 - 6 potential clones will be identified and evaluated. Additional screening against other compounds of interest can also be conducted in this step.

Phase IV - Production
Based on the results from phase III vectors are generated to express the final antibody in a protein expression system (E. Coli, Insect, etc.) The desired quantity of antibody is produced and purified. Expression optimization is also offered in this step.


Pricing - Pricing varies based on the project specification.  For academic labs these project start around $16,000.00 to carry our phases I - III, with additional costs for protein generation and antibody generation in stage IV.  If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote please email and we will get in touch with you to discuss your project. 

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