Custom Protein Expression Services

We offer three systems for protein expression, click on the system you are interested in to see a breakdown of the steps involved with approximate pricing.  If you would like to discuss your project with us and receive a custom quote call us at (800)-991-7624 or click here to fill out our contact form, we will get back to you in 1 business day. 



System Advantage Disadvantage
Bacteria  T7 Economical
Simple culture conditions
Easy scale up

Poor protein solubility
Low yield for many eukaryotic proteins

Insect Baculovirus Near mammalian post-translational modifications
Much higher yield than mammalian systems
Demanding media requirements
Mammalian CMV Highest level of protein processing
Demanding media requirements
Low protein yield
Mammalian Retrovirus
 Wide selection of expression host cells
Mammalian processing
 Lengthy procedure
Demanding media requirements




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