Custom Stealth Express IVT Template Construction

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Allele Biotech's custom mRNA services allow you to express your constructs using this ground breaking method without the hassles and troubleshooting associated with creating your own template.  All we need is your construct (or your sequence), and your specifications, from there we can create a PCR template that will be sequence confirmed and guaranteed to produce your desired mRNA via in vitro transcription (IVT).  Additionally, we can use this template to produce a specified amount of mRNA.  

  • Linear DNA templates are ready to use for IVT reactions.
  • Coding sequence for a protein is flanked by 5’ and 3’ untranslated regions designed to maximize the  translational efficiency and cytoplasmic stability of the mRNA.
  • Templates drive incorporation of 120-nt polyA tails into RNA transcripts, eliminating the need to enzymatically polyadenylate IVT products before use.
  • Additional specifications such as binding sites can be incorporated into template design.

Required Materials: Construct or sequence of insert.

Deliverables: 10µg of template, or a specified amount of mRNA (modified or unmodified).

Duration: Typically 2 - 4 weeks.