15% off DH5α Competent Cells - 2/10/2014


High Quality, Low Cost DH5α Competent Cells


Competent cells are a staple in many molecular biology labs since they are required for cloning and E. coli based protein expression. When it comes to competent cells we believe the most important factors are quality/efficiency, dependability, and price. We believe Allele DH5α competent cells lead the field in all three areas. Our cells are individually packaged in 60µl aliquots, and every batch undergoes a strict QC process. They allow for transformation in as little as 3 minutes without sacrificing quality. The final point we want to emphasize is price. Compared to other leading manufacturers (Life Technologies - One Shot top10, NEB -
NEB 5-alpha Competent E. coli (High Efficiency) , Lucigen - E. cloni 5-alpha Chemically Competent Cells), our DH5α competent cells cost less per reaction, saving you money.

We want you to try our cells out today, so for a limited time save 15% on any order of competent cells when you use the code Comp15. This offer ends February 28th so act now. Once you try our cells we know you will keep using them, and the saving will add up. For more details about this offer visit our promotions page or email info@allelebiotech.com.