20% off Custom Viral Packaging 3/10/2014


Custom Viral Packaging Made Easy

Virus 2

Our custom viral packaging services just got easier and it will save you time and money. We've reduced our existing low prices and we've eliminated our preset titer and volume options so you can tell us exactly what you want. You decide the titer, you decide the volume, and you decide the delivery aliquot size.

We can also help you customize your virus to fit your needs. Are you starting with a sequence or cDNA and need your materials cloned into a viral vector? Do you need a fluorescent control? Did you want to co-express another gene in the same virus? We can do all of this and more.

We can package most viral vectors, including those available commercially (from Sigma, Origene, etc.) and those vectors available academically on Addgene. Acceptable starting materials include purified plasmids, a basic gene sequence, and everything in between. For more details about our service you can visit our custom viral packaging page, or contact us directly by filling out our custom service contact form or using our live chat service.

If you need a lentivirus, retrovirus or baculovirus packaged, Allele is the clear choice. We guarantee our service and always deliver consistent, high quality viruses. To make us an even better choice, for a limited time you can save an additional 20% on any viral packaging project initiated in the next 4 weeks. To take advantage of this offer use the code Viral20 when you submit your quote request. For more details visit our promotions page. Contact us today and let us get started on your viral packaging project.