20% Off Gryphon Retroviral Packaging Cells 4/28/2014


Retroviral Packaging for Less

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The Gryphon Retroviral Expression System is a convenient tool for fast and consistent high titer retroviral production. Gryphon cells contain essential viral genes including a specific envelope glycoprotein. When transfected with an appropriate retroviral vector, Gryphon cells will quickly generate ready-to-infect retroviral particles.

One characteristic of Gryphon Cells that we do not regularly highlight is their value. For $350 we supply a frozen aliquot (1 x 10^6 Cells) of Gryphon Ecotropic or Gryphon Amphotropic retroviral packaging cells. This is in stark contrast to retroviral packaging systems offered by our competitors. Clontech's EcoPack and AmphoPack systems cost $688 per cell aliquot, almost twice as much as Gryphon Cells. ATCC carries the classic Phoenix Retroviral Packaging Cells for $459 per aliquot, 50% more then Gryphon Cells.

To make the choice even clearer, for a limited time you can save 20% on any order of Gryphon Ecotropic or Gryphon Amphotropic cell lines. To redeem this offer us the code RETRO20 when you place your order. Visit our promotions page for more details.