Allele and Addgene Partner to Increase Academic Access to the World’s Brightest Monomeric Fluorescent Protein


April 23rd, 2019 -- Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Inc., a San Diego based biotechnology company focused on the development and clinical translation of cutting-edge technologies, has partnered with Addgene, a global nonprofit organization helping scientists share plasmids, to further facilitate academic use of mNeonGreen. Addgene will leverage its field-leading distribution platform to increase the availability of mNeonGreen constructs to researchers around the world.

First reported in the journal Nature Methods in 2013 (Shaner et al.), mNeonGreen is the brightest monomeric fluorescent protein available on the market. Upon its release, Allele’s CEO Dr. Jiwu Wang stated, “mNeonGreen surpasses eGFP in every way, it’s brighter, more photostable, enables superresolution imaging, and is compatible with imaging equipment used for eGFP. It will replace eGFP as the fluorescent protein of standard.”

Since its release, mNeonGreen has been available exclusively at Allele Biotechnology, under a novel licensing model created by Allele specifically for academic users (Nature Methods: Technology Feature). According to Allele’s Marketing Director, Abbas Hussain, “Our licensing model was developed to simplify access to mNeonGreen constructs and create a close-knit community to share reagents and ideas of using the protein at far below market costs. We wanted to be a part of the conversation so we could develop new tools and closely assist our users. The model has been a huge success and we appreciate the enthusiastic support from the community.”

Over the years a number of new tools have emerged harnessing mNeonGreen, including species-specific and split versions of the protein and outstanding voltage and calcium. Allele has also developed a camelid derived VHH nanoantibody against mNeonGreen to enable various assays such as co-immunoprecipitation and secondary labeling. Many users further sub-cloned mNeonGreen into various plasmids or viral vectors, as different fusions, or under different promoters. These developments have spurred the discussions between Addgene and Allele to expand the mNeonGreen distribution to the academic community and allow mNeonGreen to truly establish itself as a fluorescent protein of standard.

Allele Biotechnology owns newly issued patents and pending applications on the mNeonGreen protein and antibodies against it, and is still the exclusive source for commercial licensing and opportunities related to mNeonGreen. Allele has funded external research and is continuously committed to developing novel tools that put to use the benefits of this brilliant fluorescent protein. Our current licensees could receive extra benefits from Allele such as nanoantibodies against mNeonGreen and continued technical support by Allele’s expert team.