Baculovirus Expression 1/27/2014


Baculovirus Expression


Recently we’ve been receiving a number of inquiries and orders for our Baculovirus expression plasmids. We carry a number of plasmids to use with our Sapphire Baculovirus DNA, each with its own unique advantages, and we would like to highlight a few of them and describe their function.

pORB transfer plasmid - Our basic standard vector, suitable for larger inserts with a wealth of sites in its MCS

pORB-mWasabi - Our standard vector with mWasabi as a reporter allowing you to track expression (pORB contains Polh promoter by definition so pORB-Polh is redundant.)

pORB-MCS1-sIRES-MCS2 - This vector contains an IRES element isolated from marine shrimp flanked by two multiple cloning sites allowing for bicistronic expression.

pORB-MCS-sIRES-VSVG - This vector contains an IRES driven VSVG envelope protein that allows pseudotyping produced virus for broader host range.

pORB-mWasabi-sIRES-VSVG - This vector contains VSVG to broaden the infectivity and mWasabi to track virus expression in real time.

pVL 1392 & pVL 1393 – Commonly used vectors that have been harnessed in a large number of publications

In addition to our vectors we also carry the following products for Baculovirus expression:

Sapphire Baculovirus DNA - Linearized Baculovirus DNA that allows for consistently high expression and proper folding of your target protein.

Insect Cell Lines - We have both Sf9 and cell lines in both frozen and live cultures.

Insect Media – We carry three different Mediums based on your needs, Basic Insect Medium, Serum Free Insect Medium, and TNM-FH Insect Medium.

This is just a highlight of the products we carry in our Baculovirus Expression line, and they all give you access to our technical support staff with over 15 years of experience in Baculovirus expression. If you have any questions please contact us at