Beta Test Dye Conjugated nAbs - 5/28/2014


Beta Test Dye Conjugated nAbs

nAb Beta Test

Would you like to beta test our newest nAb format?

Our new format will feature nAb (nano-antibodies) conjugated to a variety fluorescent dyes, and we would like you to get the first look. We want to give you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to actively participate in the development of our products so that we can build a nAb line tailored to your research goals. Currently, we offer two major formats for nAb, purified protein and immobilized on a solid surface (agarose or magnetic resin). The possibilities are limitless with a product like nAb, and we have spent the last few months optimizing a system to unleash the potential of these powerful antibodies.

Our new system is based on a novel affinity pair modular platform which allows you to choose any nAb and instantly couple it to a variety of tags (i.e. fluorescent dye - you choose the color you want). Our conjugation system is optimized to allow for instantaneous conjugation with virtually no incubation time, cleanup or quenching steps—anybody can do it.

With this technology, the true potential of our single domain VHH nano-antibodies can be achieved. nAbs labled this way will be suitable for fluorescent imaging, western blotting, cell staining, superresolution imaging, and many more applications of your own design!

Prior to the release of this new product, we are inviting our current customers to participate in a nAb beta test. If you are interested please click the link below and fill out the form and we will send you your free sample nAb kit. We greatly appreciate your input and look forward to developing this valuable product with you.