Competent Cells--10% off 07/24/13

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Allele Biotech offers both high efficiency chemical competent cells and electro-competent cells at a great value. Our Xtreme Efficiency DH10β Electrocompetent Cells are prepared with our finely tuned procedures and are quality controlled by direct comparison to other leading brands of similar products, yielding consistently high transformation efficiencies above 5 x 10^9 cfu/μg. This makes them ideal for applications requiring high transformation efficiencies, such as with cDNA or gDNA library construction.


Allele= Xtreme Efficiency DH10β Electrocompetent Cells
Invitrogen= ElectroMAX™ DH10B™ Cells
NEB= NEB 10-beta Electrocompetent E. coli

Our chemical competent cells, DH5α Extreme Efficiency Competent Cells, are ideal for generation of high-difficulty constructs and propagation of large size or low-concentration plasmids, while providing a higher transformation effieciency than typical self-made competent cells with the CaCl2 treatment, with a rate at 1 x 10^9 cfu/μg.


Allele= DH5α Extreme Efficiency Competent Cells
NEB= NEB 5-alpha
Invitrogen 1= One Shot® MAX Efficiency® DH5α™-T1R Competent Cells
Invitrogen 2= MAX Efficiency® DH5α™ Competent Cells

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