Custom Protein Expression

Allele Biotechnology offers three distinct protein expression platforms to meet your research needs.

E. Coli expression - E. Coli is an fast and cost effective system for simple proteins with minimal post translational modification.

Baculovirus / Insect Protein Expression - Insect cells are an ideal system for proteins with post translational modifications beyond the scope of E. Coli. The main advantage over mammalian cell expression is a significantly higher yield.

Mammalian expression - This system is ideal for complex proteins as it allows for the highest degree of protein processing.

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Baculovirus / Insect systems are useful for expressing proteins that are found to be insoluble in bacteria or contain a number of post translational modifications (disulfide bonds, glycosylation). This system is an excellent alternative to mammalian protein expression because it generally yields a large amount of protein. Insect protein expression takes about three months to complete (from sequence to purified protein), it is our fastest method for delivering mg quantities of complex proteins. The service comes with a variety of steps detailed here, beginning with 5 ug of plasmid containing gene of interest with a cDNA sequence from you for Phase 1, all the way to a deliverable purified protein in standard or customer-specified storage buffer for Phase 6. These projects are custom and you have the ability to omit steps to tailor the project to meet your specific needs.

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