EcoCulture Tissue Culture Dishes 12/19/2011



The Eco-Culture dish product line is a natural progression for Allele Biotech’s efforts to help the environment while bringing the best research tools to our customers. Features include:
* 35% less plastic used making it the only laboratory product labeled with the “Eco-Logo”, the most prestigious award granted by the Canadian Government to environmentally sound products.
* Each dish is individually inspected using a labor-intensive quality control process.
* Surface-treated for increased cell attachment, suitable for growing a broad spectrum of adherent cells. e.g. 293T cells that typically require coated plates at great expenses.
* The production process adapts a strict environmental monitoring program that meets multiple compliance standards,
i.e., GMP, FDA and ISO9001-2000.
* Total absence of particles, dust, foreign objects, hydraulic oil vapor, and Ethylene Oxide (ETO) which mask analysis
results and can lead to erroneous readings.

To view a Side-by-side comparison with Falcon's 353003 Dish, please click here Read more

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