Flow Cytometry Tools - 3/17/2014


Tools and Kits for Flow Cytometry

flow image

Since 2006 Allele Biotech has offered bright monomeric fluorescent proteins. Over the years we have emphasized their usefulness for cell tracking, localization, structural imaging, and superresolution imaging. However, one area that we have not focused on is flow cytometry.

Flow cytometry is a blanket term for procedures that use fluorescence for cell sorting, cell counting, or biomarker detection. Cells are suspended in liquid and passed through an apparatus that is capable of exciting fluorescent tags and detecting their emissions. Data generated using flow cytometry is generally high content and very consistent. As a result of this, flow cytometry is regularly employed to diagnose health disorders (i.e. blood cancers).

Recently we introduced our line of immunodiagnostic kits based on flow cytometry procedures for detection of various markers in blood samples. We have tests for determining basophil degranulation, leukocyte phagocytosis, leukocyte oxidative burst, quantification of human natural killer cells, and more. These tests offer fast precise measurement of cell function coupled with the advantages of flow cytometry based procedures.

We also carry excellent fluorescent proteins that have been used for flow cytometry based cell sorting quantification. Our cyan protein, mTFP1, and our green fluorescent protein, mWasabi, have both been published for their use in FACS. Our newest protein, mNeonGreen, is also an excellent candidate for FACS due to its high stability and unmatched brightness.

We intend to further support flow cytometry through the development of more tools and technology. Our next product to support flow cytometry based procedures will be based on nAb (nano antibody) technology. It will enhance existing flow cytometry based procedures by allowing increased labeling and detection across various wavelengths. Check our website regularly or follow us on social media for the latest release details and exclusive discounts.