Fluorescent Protein Overview 1/9/2012




Come explore Allele Biotechnology's diverse catalog of unique fluorescent proteins. New to the catalog is pmClavGR2-CT - a monomeric photoconvertible fluorescent expression vector with multiple cloning sites for fusions to the C terminus. mClavGR2 has improved photostability of the red state under confocal illumination conditions as well as a monomeric structure. Learn more


mTFP1 is a monomeric cyan fluorescent protein derived from the Clavularia sp. fluorescent protein cFP484. mTFP1 is significantly brighter than all other currently available monomeric fluorescent proteins in the cyan or green category. It is approximately 3-fold brighter than ECFP, more than twice as bright as Cerulean (an improved ECFP variant), and about twice as bright as EGFP. Learn more


Alleleustrious mWasabi is a monomeric green fluorescent protein derived from mTFP1. mWasabi is significantly brighter than all other currently available monomeric green fluorescent proteins. It is approximately 2-fold brighter than EGFP and has similar pH sensitivity and photostability. _Learn more_


dLanYFP, derived from the lancelet fish, also known as amphioxus; is one of the brightest florescent proteins ever (over 8 times brighter than EGFP, and over 5 times brighter than eYFP). It has a high photostibility, pH stability, extinction coefficient, quantum yield, and an incredibly fast maturation rate. Learn more

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