GFP-nAb for FPLC is Now Available 11/6/2013


GFP-nAb Polyacrylamide Resin

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It’s finally here, a single-domain VHH antibody in a durable format suitable for pressurized affinity purification (FPLC, HPLC). GFP-nAb™ Polyacrylamide resin is the first medium featuring a single-domain GFP antibody (GFP-nAb™) that can be utilized for these widely used techniques. Its high affinity and specificity for GFP results in virtually background-free purification. GFP-nAb™ binds nearly all fusions to fluorescent proteins derived from Aequorea victoria under native conditions, along with bound interacting partners.

When treated and stored as recommended, GFP-nAb™ Polyacrylamide resin may be re-used 20+ times without a substantial decrease in binding capacity

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Don’t forget, our nAb Buy 2 get 1 free sale is still going on, when you buy 2 nAb products, like our GFP-nAb™ Spin Kit, receive a third of equal or lesser value for free. This offer is only available while supplies last so act now.

GFP-nAb™ – Our single-domain VHH GFP binding protein, available in three formats: Conjugated to agarose resin, magnetic beads, and now polyacrylamide resin.

mNeonGreen-nAb™ – A single domain VHH protein against mNeonGreen, the brightest monomeric fluorescent protein available.

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