GFP Trap: Buy one get one 50% off! 2/21/2012



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GFP-Trap® is a high quality GFP-binding protein based on a single domain antibody derived from Camelids. It is characterized by a small barrel-shaped structure (13 KDa, 2.5nm X 4.5 nm) and a very high stability (stable up to 70°C, functional within 2M NaCl or 0.5% SDS). With much greater stability, specificity, and affinity, GFP-Trap®, the recent addition to antibodies for immunoprecipitation, should make GFP the most suitable tag for immunoprecipitation assays. Read more


RFP-Trap® efficiently pulls down various Red fluorescent proteins derived from DsRed: e.g. mRFP1, mCherry, mOrange, mPlum as well as mRuby and RFP-tagged fusion proteins. Read more


A VHH domain-binding protein derived from the camelid heavy chain-only antibodies is coupled to a strong fluorescent dye to both stabilize GFP and enhance its fluorescence signals. Read more


GFP-multiTrap® is available in black 96-well plate format with clear bottom for colorimetric, chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection methods. Read more

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