Introducing mMaple: a superimaging photoconvertible fluorescent protein 3/13/2013


mMaple SIM image


mMaple is a new bright, monomeric, highly efficient photoconvertible fluorescent protein (pcFP) that can be used for PALM/STORM and SIM super resolution microscopy techniques. Studies have shown that mMaple constructs reliably yield more protein localizations than mEos2 or mClavGR2 per cell (3.4× and 2.3×, respectively)[1]. Other advantages include a high concentration of properly folded fusion proteins and elevated photostability. Overall mMaple enables both fast live-cell ensemble imaging and high precision single molecule localization for a single pcFP-containing construct.

mMaple is now available for group licensing through Allele Biotechnology. Group licensing is our latest format of fluorescent protein distribution, through this program a department or group licenses the protein as a collective. This way the cost, which is much lower than these group members licensing the protein individually, is split amongst a number of labs. Additionally, since everyone within the group has full rights to protein use sharing and collaboration within the licensed group is encouraged. A number of institutions have already taken advantage of this great offer, contact us to be the next. To find our more about group licensing email

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