Introducing RFP nAb for mRFP and the mFruits - 6/23/2014


RFP-nAb is here!

RFP-nAb tin

Do you need a camelid derived nano antibody that binds monomeric DsRed derivatives like mCherry or mRFP? Of course you do! And you are in luck, RFP-nAb is now available for all your RFP immunoprecipitation needs.

RFP-nAb is our latest addition to the nAb line of products. It binds monomeric red fluorescent proteins that have been derived from Discosoma Red (DsRed), like mRFP or the immensely popular mFruits. RFP-nAb allows for complete and quantitative pulldown of RFP. In addition, this antibody is highly specific and shows zero cross reactivity against jellyfish derived proteins like eGFP.

Currently we have RFP-nAb as a free protein, or conjugated to agarose or magnetic resin (additional formats are on the way). If you would like to try RFP-nAb click here to request a sample.

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