mNeonGreen-nAb Agarose Spin Kit (20 Reactions)

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[[20 Rxns,ABP-NAB-MNGAK20]]

The mNeonGreen-nAb Agarose kit allows for quick and convenient pulldown of mNeonGreen from solution. 10µl of mNeonGreen-nAb agarose slurry binds a minimum of >2µg of mNeonGreen.  This kit contains all the necessary components including spin columns which allow for complete and clean elution. mNeonGreen-nAb is the ideal candidate for a variety of biological assays such as:

  • Immunoprecipitation / CO-IP
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
  • Super Resolution Imaging



0.5ml mNeonGreen-nAb Agarose Slurry

20 Spin Columns

Binding Buffer

Wash Buffer

Elution Buffer

Neutralization Buffer

Product Description

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Download the PDF