New ChIP, SiMPull, and CoIP protocols with nAb - 8/4/2014


nAb Application Protocols

mNeonGreen Gel

Quantitative pulldown or mNeonGreen using mNG-nAb

nAbs can be substituted for traditional monoclonal antibodies in a number of applications. Their superior specificity and stability can simplify your protocol and potentially improve your results.

Generally the switch to nAb is seamless. nAbs are pre-conjugated to agarose or magnetic resins eliminating the need for coupling reactions. Our general protocol is quick and easily adaptable to virtually any application. However, we understand there are cases where it is useful to have a predetermined protocol to use as a guideline or a starting point.

We have recently uploaded a few application protocols incorporating nAbs. These are detailed, validated procedures that can be used directly to carry out the specified assay. The protocols currently available are linked below:

* nAb for CoIP
* nAb for ChIP
* nAb for Single Molecule Pulldown (SiMPull)

Don’t see a protocol that fits for you? Don’t worry! We will have more protocols on the way. And if you’ve developed your own “nAb assay”, share with us and we can adapt your protocol into a nAb application paper, highlighting your team’s excellent work and contribution. But that’s not all! Along with being cited on your new nAb application paper, you will also receive exclusive discounts and promotional materials for your dedication to the nAb community. Email with your ideas now