New nAb Magnetic Agarose and 25% off your order - 9/15/2014


nAb Magnetic Agarose is here!

magnetic agarose separation

In the past researchers were faced with a choice when using GFP-nAb resin. Does one choose the convenient magnetic separation of nAb Magnetic resin, or the higher capacity of nAb Agarose resin.

With the release of our newest format, GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose, you get the best of both worlds. GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose resin binds a minimum of 4µg of GFP per 10µl of slurry. The binding capacity of magnetic agarose is comparable to our standard nAb agarose resin, and an 8 fold improvement over our existing magnetic resin. Magnetic Agarose rapidly separates from solution when exposed to a magnet, enabling repetitive washes and the processing of multiple samples simultaneously.

GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose is available in the following sizes:

GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose Kit (20 Reactions)
GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.25ml
GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.5ml
GFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 1ml

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