New Tools for iPSC Generation 10/24/2011



Stealth Express: Non-Integrating iPSC Generation

In 2010, Warren et al. illustrated a footprint free method to reprogram adult cell to iPSCs using modified mRNA molecules. This method was groundbreaking for two reasons–the use of modified RNA bases mitigated cell immune response to transfected mRNA, and the efficiency of induction was higher than viral transfection. Through the use of exogenous gene expression, iPSCs can be produced without
genome rearrangement–removing one of the greatest barriers to iPSC-based therapy.
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2-in-1 OS and 4-in-1 OSKM Lentiviral Particles

Putting 4 iPS factors on one lentiviral vector, separated by 2A peptides, has appeared to be more efficient in generating iPS cells than having all 4 factors on individual viruses, at least in a number of cases. Stem cell-like colonies start to appear in about 2 weeks using Allele Biotech’s 4-in-1 lentivirus.
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Basic Lentiviral Particles

Lentiviral vectors were used in the original iPSC experiments and remain to be the most popular method. Its advantages over other gene-delivery methods include high-efficiency infection of dividing and non-dividing cells, long-term stable expression of transgenes, and low immunogenicity.
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