OmniTube PCR System 7/16/2012

Omni-Tube PCR System

The Omni-Tube PCR system is optimized for performing PCR, digestion, ligation, and purification all in a single tube. No extra tubes, spin columns, filter plates, silica membranes, magnetic beads, vacuum or filtration steps are needed for purification. Additionally, no transfer of reaction mixtures to different tubes is required when proceeding to downstream applications. Based on Solid Surface Reversible Binding technology, the Omni-Tube utilizes plastics coated with proprietary high-efficiency binders that selectively capture and efficiently bind DNA fragments (e.g. PCR products, digestions, ligations etc.). When binding buffer is added to solution, PCR amplicons or other types of DNA will specifically bind to the Omni-Tube while primers, fluorescent dyes, nucleotides, and other contaminants will remain in solution.

To find our more about Solid Surface Reversible Binding technology, and to view a flash demonstration of the Omni-Tube system click here.

To purchase the Omni-Tube PCR system click here.

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