One Step Genotyping: Buy 2 Get One Free! 12/11/12 - Newsletter


mouse tail

One Step Genotyping: Buy 2 Get One Free!

Mice are the most commonly used mammalian model organism. Their genomes are also among the most altered to fit a vast array of different scientific studies. Tracking these genetic changes requires a genotyping process. Allele’s Mouse Tail Direct lysis buffer provides researchers a simple, One-step solution to extracting genomic DNA from mouse tails. While more traditional methods require additional precipitation and wash steps, Allele’s formulation allows for mouse tail lysate to be used directly in PCR reactions. The Mouse Tail Direct lysis buffer is a simple and reliable genotyping solution, saving valuable time and energy. Take advantage of this limited time offer: order 2 lysis buffer products and receive a third one free by using the code MouseTail. If you still haven't tried our mouse tail buffer contact us for a free sample or an exclusive first time discount. Email or visit our website for more details.

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