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The advanced single user license for Photoconvertible Fluorescent Proteins (pcFPs) mMaple and mClavGR2 allows for one academic lab to use mMaple and mClavGR2.  With the advance license you will receive basic E. Coli expression vectors, but you will also have access to any mMaple/mClavGR2 fusions and constructs carried by Allele Biotechnology (as well as our depository which is coming soon). In order to purchase this license please fill out the MTA below and send it to info@allelebiotech.com.  If you have any questions please contact us at 800-991-7624 or email fp@allelebiotech.com.

If you are interested in department or site licensing visit this page for more information.  If you sign up for department licensing we will credit back any single user license fees.

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MTA - Download the PDF

Product Description Download/Print for mClavGR2:  Download the PDF
Product Description Download/Print for mMaple:  Download the PDF