Popular Items Sale 2/24/2014


Popular Reagent Sale

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This week we want to take the time to highlight a couple of our popular products that we don't mention nearly enough: our Luciferase assay reagent and our Omni-Tube PCR system that harnesses SurfaceBind Technology.

Our Luciferase Assay Kit is a convenient solution for measuring firefly luciferase, a commonly used reporter in cell culture. The reagent allows for a simple reaction system balancing sensitivity and stability to suit most routine Luciferase based gene expression analysis. We carry two convenient sizes, with 1000 reaction size offering unmatched value.

The Omni-Tube PCR system is a unique product we offer that serves as a complete upgrade over existing PCR purification methods. It allows for a complete PCR reaction to be completed, purified, and eluted in a single PCR tube. This is accomplished using SurfaceBind Technology, which we describe on our DNA/RNA purification page. This system allows for elution in very small volumes of water/buffer and helps mitigate sample loss and cross contamination. Once you try it you will see it's the only way to purify PCR reactions.

If you haven't tried these products yet now is the time, and for the next few weeks use the code "P20" to receive 20% off of your order. Visit our promotions page for more details.