Popular Questions 1/13/2014


You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Everyday we receive and answer questions regarding our products and their protocols. We've tried to set up a few different resources to help you get the answers you need as soon as possible. Our most popular resource is our technical forum, with user submitted questions that are promptly answered by our scientists. We have also added common questions to some of our product inserts, and we answer inquiries we receive via facebook and twitter. Here are some of the great questions we have answered recently.

Question - What Fluorescent Proteins will GFP-nAb™ bind?
Answer - There are over 20 different proteins that can be bound by GFP-nAb™, we've put it all together in an online table, click here to see it.

Question - Why do you recommend two elutions in your nAb™ spin kit protocol.
Answer - Elution from nAb™ resin is pH dependent, and there is a chance the resin will contain wash buffer from your previous steps. This could alter the elution buffer pH and allow some protein to remain bound. The second elution will elute any remaining bound protein allowing for complete recovery.

Question - Is Sapphire Baculovirus DNA compatible with insect transfer plasmids offered by other manufacturers?
Answer - Sapphire Baculovirus DNA is compatible with many insect insect transfer plasmids as long as they are made for an insect cell line (i.e. they will not work with a transfer plasmid made for E. coli).

Question - Your competent cells come in 60 microliter aliquots, do i need to adjust my reaction volumes.
Answer - The standard amounts stated in most protocols will work with a 60 microliter aliquot.

These are just some of the questions we have received through our forum, email and facebook. We love hearing from you and we think the forum has become an excellent resource for researchers. Next time you have a questions or need an answer check out our technical forum.