Protein Expression Custom Services 6/4/2012



Allele Biotechnology offers protein expression services through various systems to accommodate your research needs. In terms of protein expression, bacteria and yeast are commonly used to express a variety of proteins because they are more convenient and less costly than other systems. However, they may not be suitable for producing mammalian proteins with important post-translation modifications (PTM). Insect cells can be used effectively for producing large quantities of mammalian proteins rather easily through Allele´s Baculovirus Sapphire system.

Available systems include:

Bacterial Cells (T7 Promoter)

Allele Biotech’s custom protein expression group has expressed hundreds of proteins in various species of bacteria in the past 10 years. Our methods include complete gene synthesis with optimized codons to help minimize codon bias when expressing mammalian proteins in E. coli. Learn more

Insect Cells (Baculovirus)

The Baculovirus system today is harnessed for its ability to express numerous functional mammalian proteins that cannot be properly expressed in bacteria. Additionally, insect cells are easier to manage when compared to mammalian cells, and often times lead to a greater protein yield. Learn more

Mammalian Cells (CMV and Retrovirus)

We conduct protein expression in mammalian cells via plasmid transient transfection, cell line establishment, retrovirus or lentivirus transduction, and recently introduced modified mRNA transfection. Also available are an array of cell lines that we have proven to be suitable for expression of different types of human or mouse proteins. Learn more

Please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-991-7624 to discuss your project.

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