SurfaceBind DNA/RNA Purification 1/23/2012



SurfaceBind (SSRB)

Allele Biotechnology's SurfaceBind group is based on a novel Solid Surface Reversible Binding (SSRB) technology. This unique method utilizes certain turbo-binders that coat the inner surface of tubes or plates. Mediators within the binding buffer allow for DNA or RNA to bind the coated surface, while cell debris and protein remain in solution. After a simple wash step, DNA or RNA can be eluted with a small amount of water or buffer for a downstream reaction.


  • Fast to perform: Quick 15 minute purification protocol.

  • Better binding efficiency than current purification technologies. If your sample amount is limited with no room for any sample loss, the SSRB technology is the ideal alternative, recovering 80-90% of nucleic acid.

  • Researchers may elute their product in a volume of less than 5 ul compared to the usual elution volume of 50 ul.

  • Decreased risk for cross contamination since the tubes or plates can be used for your reaction and your purification, allowing you to perform both steps in the same tube.

SSRB OmniTube PCR System

The OmniTube PCR system is designed and optimized for performing PCR, digestion, ligation, and purification all in a single tube eliminating the need to transfer reaction mixtures to different tubes when proceeding to downstream applications.

SSRB RNA Purification

The SurfaceBind RNA purification kit is designed for the optimal purification of high-quality RNA from total RNA or enzymatic reactions, such as in vitro transcription.

To learn more about this novel method of purification, please click _here_.

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