Viral Packaging Simplified - 7/28/2014


Viral Packaging Simplified

GFP mwasabi

Lentivirally expressed GFP in cells

In March we introduced our new custom viral packaging page which streamlined the way you request your custom viral services. By saving you time and energy, it is no wonder that our new ordering process is a hit!

You tell us your desired virus, titer, volume, and any other specifications you may require. We will then contact you in one business day with a price quote and time table for your service.

Your past requests have proven that every custom viral packaging project is unique. There are different starting points (from sequence to plasmid), different pseudotypes (based on target cells) and a number of ways to truly customize your virus, including fluorescent markers, antibiotic resistance, inducible and silencing options and more. Allele is there every step of the way to make sure you receive exactly what you want.

Need a lentivirus or retrovirus packaged? Do you have a plasmid sitting around in lab? Or a sequence you would like to see expressed? Visit our custom viral services page today and send us a request!