You Bought a Lentiviral Vector - What's Next? - 8/25/2014


I bought a lentiviral vector-What’s next?

Virus 2

It has never been easier to obtain a lentiviral vector expressing your gene of interest. A number of companies carry extensive catalogs of vectors expressing shRNA, popular enzymes, fluorescent controls and much more. Additionally, virtually any gene synthesis company will clone your custom construct into a lentiviral vector for you.

The next step is where things may get tricky. There are a large number of vector systems in use, and each vector requires a unique packaging protocol and various helper plasmids. Allele has the knowledge and the resources necessary for your custom lentiviral packaging, not to mention a team with 20 years of experience in this line of work. We guarantee your minimum titer and project completion in a timely manner. So concentrate your time and energy in a different direction, and let us do the grunt work for you. Send us your plasmid and receive ready-to-infect viral aliquots. For our viral packaging titer and volume options and more information about our service click here.

Here are some of the companies currently selling ready-to-package lentiviral vectors. We can package lentivirus using any of these vectors.

addgene – Over 1,000 lentivectors from various publications

Sigma Aldrich – Carrying every shRNA lentiviral vector produced by the RNAi Consortium

Origene – Any human mouse and rat ORF lentiviral clone, they have genome wide coverage of these three species, along with lentiviral shRNA clones

Genecopoeia – shRNA, miRNA and ORF lentiviral vectors

System Biosciences – cDNA, shRNA and miRNA lentiviral vectors

Genepharma – A large collection of shRNA lentiviral vectors

Genscript – A custom gene synthesis company, they will clone your synthesized sequence into a lentivector of your choice.