Allele-In-One Mouse Tail Direct Lysis Buffer [500 rxns]

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[[500 rxns,ABP-PP-MT01500]]Allele-In-One Mouse Tail Direct PCR buffer releases DNA from mouse tails for genotyping PCR. A one-step reaction using the single buffer system is sufficient for preparing DNA as PCR template; phenol extraction, precipitation, or any further purification is not necessary. The buffer contains a combination of enzyme(s), detergents, and other chemical reagents that will lyse the mouse tail tissues or other tissues without destroying DNA. An aliquot is then directly used as template in a genotyping PCR reaction.

See Allele-In-One Mouse Tail Lysis Buffer in action: GONAD: Genome-editing via Oviductal Nucleic Acids Delivery system: a novel microinjection independent genome engineering method in mice


The Mouse Tail Direct PCR system offers a variety of advantages including:

♦ Simple buffer system: Unique from Allele Biotech Enzymes, this single buffer system is the only product that contains everything for lysis, no need to add protease K or any other components before use.

♦ Single step reaction: The incubation is to be performed at a convenient 50-55°C temperature for 0.5 hours or longer, and the lysate is ready for PCR.

♦ Consistent: Works with extremely high success rates and is fully guaranteed if used in combination with Allele-in-One PCR MasterMix system.

♦ Lowering costs: Adds only 40 cents or less to each genotyping sample while saving enormous amounts of material and time from traditional methods.


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