Allele-In-One Mouse Tail Direct PCR Kit [500 rxns]

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[[500 rxns,ABP-PP-MT02500]] Allele-In-One Mouse Tail Direct PCR Buffer releases DNA from mouse tails for genotyping PCR. A one-step reaction using the single buffer system is sufficient for preparing DNA as PCR template; phenol extraction, precipitation, or any further purification is not necessary. The buffer contains a combination of enzyme(s), detergents, and other chemical reagents that will lyse the mouse tail tissues or other tissues without destroying DNA. An aliquot is then directly used as template in a genotyping PCR reaction.


The Mouse Tail Direct PCR System offers a variety of advantages including:

♦ Simple buffer system: Unique from Allele Biotech Enzymes, this single buffer system is the only product that contains everything for lysis, no need to add protease K or any other components before use.

♦ Single step reaction: The incubation is to be performed at a convenient 50-55°C temperature for 0.5 hours or longer, and the lysate is ready for PCR.

♦ Consistent: Works with extremely high success rates and is fully guaranteed if used in combination with Allele-in-One PCR MasterMix system.

♦ Lowering costs: Adds only 40 cents or less to each genotyping sample while saving enormous amounts of material and time from traditional methods.

The Mouse Tail Lysis Buffer is suitable for many applications such as:

♦ Lysis of mouse tail samples for genotyping PCR

♦ Lysis of other sample types (e.g. mouse ear, yolk sac or tissue culture cells).


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