Antibody Isolation with Phage Display

Antibodies are roughly grouped into two major classes: polyclonal and monoclonal. The latter mostly refer to IgG antibodies from mouse through the hybridoma technology-- by fusing a specific antibody-producing B cell with a myeloma from B cell cancer. There are also monoclonal rat and rabbit antibodies. While camelid antibodies we provide are “clonal” by nature, i.e. each antibody is of a single identity, they are not isolated by the hybridoma technology. Most single domain antibodies, here also called VHHs or nanobodies, are isolated by a panning process, such as phase display. At Allele Biotech we have developed and used various display systems including yeast display, in vitro display, and of course, phage display.

We start the phage display process with cDNA library generated from immunized host, presented on a plasmid vector that upon the help with “helper phage”, will produce a pool of phages to be selected for their ability to bind to the immunogen. The quality of the phage pool and the ultimate result of camelid antibody selection depends on the quality of the helper phage.

At Allele, we use our high quality M13KO7 Helper Phage which undergoes strict quality control tests to ensure functionality and viabilty. Allele biotech uses this high quality M13KO7 Helper Phage in our own custom antibody services using cammelid antibodies.

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