Custom Viral Services

Custom Lentiviral and Retroviral Packaging

The table below contains the titer options we offer with their minimum volumes and pricing.  We offer viral packaging for gene expression and RNAi.  For RNAi projects we can start from a target gene, designing and packaging 5 viruses for silencing (shRNA design), or we can package known sequences/vectors.  We are able to package most common lentiviral and retroviral vectors and our titers are guaranteed.  In addition to viral packaging we can also add fluorescent controls to expression constructs or co-express an additional gene (bicistronic expression).  Allele's custome viral packaging services are very adaptable to your needs and you will always receive consistent, high quality viruses that save you time and money. 


Titer (TU/ml)


Minimum Volume




Est. Turnaround Time


10^7 TU/ml

2ml $1,299.00 2 - 3 weeks

10^8 TU/ml

1ml $1,499.00 2 - 3 weeks
10^9 TU/ml


$1,699.00 3 - 4 weeks
10^10 TU/ml 100µl $1,899.00 4 weeks


This pricing is based on standard packaging with enough DNA supplied by the client, DNA must be endotoxin free.  Pricing and titer guarantee is subject to initial project review.   After review if we cannot guarantee your titer we can do a test packaging for $299.  This will allow us to establish a baseline using your construct, after which we can provide you with customized pricing based on the material needs of your virus, the $299 test fee will also be credited toward packaging your construct.  To start a project or receive a quote you can click here and use our contact form (we will get back to you within 1 business day) or call us at (800)-991-7624. 


We establish live titer using fluorescent controls and we also measure overall viral titer with RT-PCR. 


Custom Baculovirus Production (Insect Virus Production)

Since our acquisition of Orbigen Inc. in 2008 we have been a leader in Baculovirus production and expression.  We can produce high titer baculovirus stocks starting with sequences or expression plasmids.  Another common service we offer is amplification, we start with a small volume of viral stock and deliver an amplified and concentrated viral stock. These systems are generally employed for protein production, and we offer baculovirus based protein production services that can start with a sequence and end with purified protein delivery (click here for more information on our protein production services).  If you have any questions about our baculovirus services or if you would like to receive a quote click here for our custom services contact form, or you can contact us by phone or live chat.



Allele Biotechnology is commited to lab safety, and all our viruses are produced to be completely safe in a laboratory environment. Allele Biotechnology viruses are self inactivating (sin-lentivirus), the 3' LTR's have been removed.  Our viruses have been used in hundreds of labs over the years and pose no risk of recombination, ensuring the safety of all researchers who choose Allele Custom Viral Packaging.



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