Cell Models

Current cells for drug discovery or cell therapy applications are typically limited by either their availability or their lack of suitability for the specific desired application. Availability is a chronic problem for the ideal cell type, primary cells, and particularly so for human primary cells. Alternatives to primary cells usually involve immortalized cell lines or more recently, cells differentiated from stem cells, but neither of these currently provides a cell that matches the primary cell phenotype, especially when compared with adult primary cells.

Allele Biotechnology is working to resolve these issues through the creation of stem-cell-derived cell models that do closely match their adult primary counterparts, thus providing our customers with readily-available cells suitable for drug discovery and cell therapy. We do this through a suite of advanced technologies that centers on the power of cellular reprogramming, by which we create an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) that represents an infinitely expandable cell resource. We then utilize cell reprogramming technology again, along with more traditional growth factor and cytokine-based methods, to turn that iPSC into a cell with the desired characteristics. Prior to delivery, all cell models are fully characterized via whole-genome deep sequencing and transcriptomics analysis.

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