Custom Subcloning only $499 7/25/2012

Custom Subcloning only $499

Subcloning and all its associated difficulties can often be a bottleneck for many research endeavors. Fortunately, there are options to alleviate the lingering issues associated with subcloning.

Allele Biotech’s Custom Subcloning Services offer researchers an easy option for inserting genes of interest into formats that are ready to use in downstream applications. We can accommodate complex cloning projects, such as the construction of viral vectors. By using advanced ligation-independent subcloning methods, one can expect a punctual turn around for even the most difficult cloning. For a limited time, Allele is offering custom subcloning service for only $499. After your subcloning is complete we can virally package your new vector in about 2 - 3 weeks saving you time and money. Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on your research and leave the subcloning/viral packaging to us.

5 µg of plasmid or cDNA containing gene of interest plus complete vector sequence in electronic format.

♦ Convenient: Free up time expended on redundant subcloning experiments
♦ Accommodate inserts of up to 2kb
♦ End Product:
-10μg of ready-to-use recombinant vector
-Verified by restriction digestion
-Inserts are sequence-verified.
-Final sequencing and detailed research report also provided.

Email your questions to or call us at 800-991-7642 to take advantage of this offer, it ends 9/01/2012.

This offer expires 09/01/2012, it may not be combined with any additional offers, promotions, or discounts. $499 subcloning does not apply universally, all jobs must be reviewed prior to their start. Terms and conditions are subject to change, for more information email

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