Custom Subcloning Service- 50% Off-4/18/2013

Custom Subcloning Service- 50% Off

Need a fast and cost-effective method to avoid dealing with the hassle and troubles associated with subcloning? Take advantage of our limited time
half off offer on our Custom Subcloning Services for an easy and worry free alternative, saving both your valuable time and money.

Our service can accommodate complex cloning projects with inserts up to 2kb. We use advanced ligation-independent subcloning methods so you can expect a quick and dependable turn around on even the most daunting cloning tasks. After the subcloning process is complete, your order can also be virally packaged in 2-3 weeks, giving you plenty of free time that would have otherwise been spent on redudant subcloning experiments.


  • Convenience- Allele's Custom Subcloning Service eliminates the need for you to waste your time on the tedious subcloning experiments and gives you a fast and reliable method to get your gene ready for use in your downstream applications

  • Competitive- Allele has priced our subcloning service competitively and now with our limited time discounted rate, you won't find a better deal

  • Dedicated- Allele is dedicated to finishing your project with quality and haste in mind

  • Assured- Your final product will be verified by restriction digestion and inserts are sequence-verified, ensuring the reliability of the subcloning processes success


Special Offer- free subcloning with licensing of mNeonGreen



Allele is now offering Free Subcloning with purchase of a license for our new mNeonGeen fluorescent protein. mNeonGreen was announced and published in Nature Methods on March 24th and is the brightest monomeric green or yellow fluorescent protein to date, an excellent fusion tag for traditional imaging as well as stochastic single-molecule super resolution imaging, and lastly is a stellar fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) acceptor for cyan fluorescent proteins.

How To Order

Follow the link to the Custom Subcloning Services page on the Allele website to place your order and enter the promotional code UU3VF7D33 to receive the special discounted rate


All we need is 5ug of plasmid or cDNA containing gene of interest plus vector sequence in electronic format and your project will be underway!
In 2-3 weeks you'll have 10 ug of ready to use recombinant vector and a detailed final sequencing and research report in an electronic format.


Any questions? Please email us at or give us a call at 800-991-7642

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