GFP-nAb - Leave Nothing Behind - 10/23/2013


nAb = Nano Antibodies

GFP-nAb Gel

gfp-nab-gel.jpg Immunoprecipitations (IP) of GFP from lysate of EGFP-expressing Insect cells. Input (I), non-bound (FT) and bound using GFP-nAb™ agarose beads (B) fractions were separated by SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassie staining. Lysate contained a total of 16ug of EGFP in total volume of 500ul. Eluted in 100 ul elution buffer (0.2M glycine pH 2.5) and neutralized. On gel, loaded 7.5ul each of lysate, flow-through after binding to GFP-nAb agarose, and eluted protein. Spin Columns were used throughout protocol.

Allele Biotechnology is proud to announce our latest product line, nAb. Nano Antibodies, or nAbs as we like to call them, are single domain, VHH antibodies derived from camelids. These antibodies are highly specific, have sub nanomolar affinity and can withstand harsh conditions (stable up to 70°C, functional within 2M NaCl or 0.5% SDS). We are kicking off the nAb line with two products, GFP-nAb and mNeonGreen-nAb, and a new protocol incorporating spin columns for complete elution. In the future we will offer nAbs against more fluorescent proteins, common tags, stem cell markers, cancer markers and functional repressors. nAb will be the best choice for all your immunoprecipitation reactions and many more assays and applications.

GFP-nAb - A highly specific GFP binding protein conjugated to agarose or magnetic beads (with additional formats coming soon). Our new GFP-nAb agarose kit contains all the components you need including our new spin columns for consistent, total elution.

mNeonGreen-nAb - A specially engineered VHH protein that binds mNeonGreen, the brightest monomeric fluorescent protein available.

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