Great Ways to get a Free Espresso Machine 12/11/2013


3 Great Ways to get a Free Espresso Machine!

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This year our annual Espresso Machine promotion has been more popular than ever. So many of our customers have come up with great ways to earn a free espresso machine and we wanted to share a few.

GFP-nAb Agarose Spin Kit

GFP-nAb Agarose Spin Kit x 2
Agarose Control 0.5ml x 2

mNeonGreen-nAb and License

mNeonGreen-nAb Agarose Spin Kit x 2
mNeonGreen Basic Single User License

Baculovirus Expression Kit

Sapphire™ Baculovirus DNA and Transfection Kit
pORB Vector
Sf9 Insect Cells [Culture]
5x Insect Lysis Buffer (with Protease Inhibitor)

These are just some of the most common ways customers have received their free espresso machines, but there are plenty more! (building a Gryphon Retrovirus kit, or stocking up on Mouse Tail Buffer or Competent Cells).

Our goal is to put an espresso machine in every lab, so build your qualifying cart today!

nAb Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale Extended

We have received a number of requests to extend the nAb buy 2 get 1 free sale. We understand that it takes time to get purchases approved and we want everyone to have a chance to take advantage of this great sale. You now have until the end of the year to buy 2 nAb's and get 1 free. Make sure you stock up on nAb now, come January this offer will be gone.