Increase Retroviral Titer 10 Fold - 7/31/2013



Retrovirus Booster


Allele Biotech is proud to introduce our latest product, Retrovirus Booster. Retrovirus Booster is an easy to use cocktail that can be added to our Gryphon Retroviral packaging cells during transfection, doing so will increase your production titer 5 - 10 fold. Retrovirus Booster also works with the popular Phoenix Retroviral packaging cell line formerly offered by Allele prior to our upgrade to Gryphon. Retrovirus booster is available in 3 convenient sizes, 50µl, 200µl and 400µl.

For a limited time you can save 30% off of your order of Retrovirus Booster by using the code BOOST30. This offer ends August 1st so act now. For extra savings and chance to receive a free 50µl vial of Retrovirus booster visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. For more information visit our promotions page, if you have any questions email us at or call us at 800-991-7624.