Introducing mTFP-nAb, a nano-antibody binding mTFP1, mWasabi, and more - 6/8/2015


A Nano-Antibody for mTFP1, mWasabi, mMaple & More!

dsc 0163

We are proud to announce the release of mTFP-nAb, the newest addition to the nAb line of camelid derived nano-antibodies.

mTFP-nAb binds fluorescent proteins derived from Clavularia cFP484, including mTFP0.7, mTFP1, mWasabi, mMaple, and mClavGR2. It is an excellent choice for a variety of biological assays including immunoprecipitation (IP), quantitative Analysis, ChIP, superresolution imaging and much more. Like all of our nAb products mTFP-nAb is characterized by its unmatched specificity, affinity, and stability.

With the addition of mTFP-nAb our nAb product line now covers a large number of widely used fluorescent proteins. These include the original jellyfish derived GFP and its variants, the mFruits, our own mNeonGreen, and now Clavularia derived mTFP1 and its variants. To see a complete list of available fluorescent proteins and their reactivity to one of our nano-antibodies visit our Fluorescent Protein Specificity Table here.

To request a sample of mTFP-nAb, GFP-nAb, RFP-nAb or mNeonGreen-nAb click here.