Introducing Retrovirus Stabilizer 9/11/2013


GFP mwasabi

Allele Biotechnology is proud to announce our latest product for our Retroviral Packaging line, Retrovirus Stabilizer. Retrovirus Stabilizer is an easy to use solution that is added to Gryphon Retroviral Packaging cells during transfection. The addition of Retrovirus Stabilizer will greatly improve downstream concentration steps, stabilize generated viral particles, and broaden host infectivity. Retrovirus Stabilizer is also compatible with the popular Phoenix Retroviral packaging cell line formerly offered by Allele Biotechnology (prior to our upgrade to Gryphon Packaging cells). Retrovirus Stabilizer is available in 3 sizes, 50µl, 200µl and 400µl.

The addition of Retrovirus Stabilizer is part of our ongoing effort to upgrade and improve our Retroviral Packaging product line. It started a few weeks ago with the introduction of Retrovirus Booster, and has also included an upgrade to our popular Gryphon Retroviral Packaging Cells. Through the use of Gryphon Cells, Retrovirus Booster and Retrovirus Stabilizer users can generate high quality high titer retrovirus.

For a limited time only when you buy two components of our new Retroviral Packaging line you will receive a third component of equal or lesser value for free. To redeem this offer enter the code RetroPackage in the comment field of your order or include it with your phone or email order. For more details visit our promotions page, email us at or call us at 800-991-7624.