iPS Cell Lines

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In order to save time and eliminate the need to generate iPSCs for experimentation, we offer ready to use footprint-free iPS cell lines. These cells are completely validated and suitable for directed differentiation. They can serve as an excellent starting point for experiments, or as a control for in lab iPSC generation. We are expanding our catalog to include disease specific ready-to-use iPS cell lines on demand – they will be fully documented and unencumbered by licensing restrictions for academic use.

Validated iPS Cell lines are all produced using in-house developed technology, featured in In our latest publication, "Feeder-Free Derivation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells with Messenger RNA" which appears in Nature's Scientific Reports.

Allele Biotechnology / 2012  ripsc-staining-website.jpg

Immunostaining for cell-surface and nuclear pluripotency markers.  Copyright Allele Biotech 2012.


•Footprint-free cell lines available
•Ready to use cell aliquots
•Fully documented cell types and cell origins
•Unrestricted use for research (Please note: Non-academic and for profit companies as well as any commercialized usage require additional licensing fees)
•Ready for differentiation
•Great for disease models

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