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It's been one year since the debut of our publication A bright monomeric green fluorescent protein derived from Branchiostoma lanceolatum, which describes the development of mNeonGreen. To this day the response has been phenomenal; we continue to receive numerous requests weekly and have an impressive number of active licensees. When we first licensed mNeonGreen to users we had two goals: make the protein easy to obtain and develop a large user community. We envisioned this community as a group that could not only be supported with new technology by Allele, but also could be supported by its own members through open collaboration enabled by mNeonGreen licensing.

To achieve our first goal we kept licensing easy and at low cost. With group licensing, mNeonGreen is only $100 per lab, and simply requires a single MTA to be completed. The second goal is an ongoing effort that we plan to continue building in the coming years. We believe this can be achieved based on our significant list of licensees that will continue to facilitate collaboration as well as the launch of mNeonGreen-nAb, a nano-antibody against mNeonGreen. In the coming year we plan to develop additional companion products and expand our bank of mNeonGreen plasmids.

mNeonGreen-nAb is a camelid derived nano-antibody against mNeonGreen. We are now sending out samples of mNeonGreen-nAb to every mNeonGreen licensee.
We are also running a Buy 2 Get 1 free promotion on all of our nAb products. Visit our promotions page for more details.

mNeonGreen is a great tool for research and with the development of more tools and a growing user community it will only get better over time. License the protein and join the community today.