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mRNA Expression

Different approaches have been developed to over-express or ectopically express a protein in cells: peptide or full length recombinant protein transfer, viral gene transfer, non-viral DNA transfer and non-viral mRNA transfer. Non-viral mRNA transfer has been around for a long time, but it is not widely used because the expression is transient and generating large amount of mRNA is considered difficult.

mRNA-mediated ectopic gene expression made a big splash recently through its use for iPSC reprogramming. iPSC factor mRNA enhances iPSC induction efficiency and completely avoids viral integration. This has tremendous implications for clinical use of iPSCs as compared to current methods, because any method involving DNA (e.g. non-integrating lentivirus or minicircle plasmids) presents the risk of random integration by partial recombination. In addition, because mRNA transfection does not require nuclear entry, it is generally easy to do and is not cell cycle-dependent.

Available Products

  • Functional Enzymes: PCR templates to express functional proteins exogenously such as Luciferase and Cre.

  • Fluorescent Proteins: PCR templates for fluorescent proteins offered exclusively by Allele Biotechnology. Our entire line of fluorescent proteins will be offered in template form soon.

  • Directed Differentiation: PCR templates that allow for exogenous expression or various transdifferentiation factors. Available Factors

  • iPSC Generation: The Stealth Express® iPS Induction System supports footprint-free iPSC induction using mRNA transfection, a new reprogramming technology that’s faster and more efficient than conventional virus-based approaches.

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