Nature Methods Article and Free mNeonGreen Licensing - 8/11/2014


Free mNG License With nAb Purchase


Allele Biotechnology’s licensing model for mNeonGreen was highlighted in the most recent issue of Nature Methods. The journal’s technology feature, entitled “Plasmids: shopping in the age of plenty” by Vivien Marx, goes through plasmid distribution in today’s research landscape. The article does an excellent job of portraying the current situation of plasmid availability, underlining both the positive and negative aspects of sharing/distribution/sales methods and practices.

We first introduced our licensing model when mNeonGreen was published in March of 2013. Since then your valued feedback has led to our current licensing format, and we are proud to announce we now have over 100 licensees.

mNeonGreen is an excellent fluorescent protein and coupled with our nano-antibody, mNG-nAb, the research possibilities harnessing these tools are endless.

For the next two weeks we are offering a FREE Basic Single user license or $300 off of an Advanced user license for mNeonGreen with a nAb purchase. This offer is ends on August 23rd, so act now. For more details and instructions on how to receive your free license, visit our promotions page.